Hello and welcome to the new year!

I have lots of new and exiting things to add to the business this year, over the past 12 months other than looking after all the existing customers and new ones we have also moved into a brand new premises in buckshaw village just outside of Preston. Since moving in we have worked non stop and all hours to make sure the unit became more of a fully functioning studio, having installed an extensive array of lighting to make sure we can now see any and all paint defects we might have to deal with during a correction detail as well as making applying ceramic coatings much easier too, while we were at it we have also installed a scissor lift to a) make life a little easier on my ageing knees,  b) make sure we can now see all areas of the car during the detailing services and c) make wheel removal a breeze so we can now be much more detailed in our application of coating with the rear of rims being covered and brake calliper. We also added wheel and brake refurbishment to our services too while we were at it,

Gyeon certified ceramic coatings 

The biggest news of 2017 however was that we became a GYEON QAURTZ certified detailer. Meaning we are now certified to install one of the best ceramic coatings on the market, with a range of coatings available offering a range of protection from 6 months up to the flagship 5 year warranted coating we can now offer our customers them all, 

Anyway we are here to talk about 2018,

so what do we have planned?


firstly if your reading this then you are seeing the first announcement, I am planning on finally getting around to running a blog, with regular updates on what’s going on here at pride & performance. Reviews of products and tools etc. But ontop of that there will also be posts and updates of the behind the scenes workings and general going ons within our car world.


secondly, I will be making a much more conscious effort to keep our social media up to date, this will include pictures and videos of our details and means that other people can now see some of the exotics I have the pleaser of working with. Of course there will still be a level of privacy for our customers so not every car will be featured but when ever possible they will be shared with you all,


Thirdly, this is briefly mentioned above but we will also be adding videos to our media pages and using our YouTube channel.

New team member

And how do I expect to carry all this off with my already hectic work load, well that brings me to my final bit of news for the beginning of 2018, A new member of staff will be joining us in the coming weeks to help spread the load and hopefully continue our growth into the future.


So here’s to a fantastic year and I hope to speak to you all soon,




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